hmly. showcases a range of independent artists, designers and makers, with a focus on high quality, handmade and sustainable products that effortlessly add character and make your house feel more homely.

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  • Grand Designs Magazine
  • natural.

    we believe that styling your home with subtle nods to nature, such as our dried flowers, palm tree prints, seagrass baskets and cotton macrame wall hangings, will help you feel more connected with mother nature.

  • sustainable.

    it's hugely important to us that everything we sell is responsibly sourced. we always opt for recycled and recyclable options wherever possible and ensure our 'usable' products can be refilled or repurposed.

  • durable.

    our products are not designed to fit into a 'disposable fashion' society. we work directly with artists and makers who are skilled in their craft, choosing durable materials and making products that are designed to last.

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